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Non-Executive Director

Most people have a broad idea of the non-exec director role but it is evolving from the the old take on it.

How I deliver the non-exec director role
It is a three-layered approach: Oversight, Governance, Involvement/Intervention


This is the non-exec being in touch with and commenting on what is happening in the business; financial and non-financial KPIs, cash flow, business development tracking, R&D and change management processes.  This is information that the non-exec should be able to access directly and gives current understanding


Providing guidance, advice and mentoring to the Board as a group.  Holding the Board to account when it is needed, prompting and supporting the Board members to work to a common purpose and follow through on decisions that have been taken


There are times when a non-exec can stand in to support the Board; project managing a change event, researching and resourcing business process change, perhaps a software change.  It is an invitation to be involved.  It is moving into the executive space to intervene and then passing over the ongoing leadership of the issue or opportunity to the exec team.


There are times when a non-exec has to step into the executive space and highlight issues that must be resolved; it could be anything, from seeing an issue or opportunity that is not on the exec team's radar, to highlighting poor values or communication.  the non-exec has a voice and needs to know when and how to use it.



It is being as committed to the performance and future outcomes of the business as the executive team are.


Who are my current non-exec clients?

A fintech funds account management and regulatory oversight business

A business psychology organisation that creates permanent change in team performance

A specialist property surveying and rehabilitation organisation

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