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What people say

I ask for feedback from the people that I work with.  Here are some of the things that they have to say

"John's mentoring has really helped me to understand my priorities and given me confidence to address them. His style was an effective balance of challenge and support. His questions were relevant and probing, which demonstrated genuine understanding and empathy as to what my challenges and goals are."

"In all my years in business, I have never had support as great as this."

"John is a good listener, but mostly what he brings is challenge around my thinking.  I can’t get away with oversimplification – he calls out superficiality or presumptions which may get in the way of understanding my true rationale for doing things or believing things."

"He has primarily helped me focus in on my strengths.  I feel John genuinely understands my situation and does not judge my choices. A really positive experience!"

"John asks the right questions, and by that I mean they are thought-provoking, constructive, open and help me to explore all angles of the discussion. These coaching sessions have had a huge impact on my career, in an extremely positive way. The sessions have brought clarity and John has given me confidence in my own ability."

"Coaching with John has definitely moved my personal strategy forward at greater pace and with increased clarity and confidence.  He has provided frameworks to help me rationalise my thoughts and what the business needs from me now.  In a word, he has provided challenge."

"The coaching approach has worked for me. It’s collaborative and engaging. I left each session feeling better equipped and more motivated in my work than when I went in."

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