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There is coaching and then there is Executive Coach-Mentor-Advisory; coaching utilising commercial, entrepreneurial experience

What do I do now

Do you know when you have a business problem or opportunity and you don't know whether you want someone to:
- develop you to solve it yourself?
- use their experience to guide you through solving it?
- work with you to solve it?

That's where I live:
- Develop you: Coaching
- Guide you: Mentoring
- Work with you to Solve it: Advisory



I work with entrepreneurial people and entrepreneurial businesses who recognise that there is a tension between reward and risk and who want to get the best out of their ideas and people.


I work with people at Points of Change; growing, restructuring, pivoting, incorporating new ideas, buying, selling, merging

What does it look like?

High level personal confidential coaching; delivered with an understanding of the commercial realities as well as through an understanding of people.  It can be applied to individuals leading organisations, people ear-marked for progression who are being developed and executive teams and Boards who want to create a more effective working environment

Why can I do it?

I have the technical capabilities and expertise that come with an accounting and advisory backgrounds but my focus has increasingly been on commercial negotiation and strategy and getting the very best out of people and teams.  To support this, I am an NLP Practitioner, I hold European Mentoring and Coaching Council certification and have advised entrepreneurial minds as a partner in a global accounting firm for 25 years .


I work well in situations where " it is impossible", "we need to find the way forward" or "I have told them, but I am not getting what I want".

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