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I combine an insight into the way that people think and act with a 40 year business advisory career.  Whether it is through Non-Exec, Chair or Board Advisory roles or through project delivery, I provide business direction and team improvement with a strong developmental bias  


And really, that sums it up:  advice and guidance within a coaching and development culture


I trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Liverpool in 1983, worked in East Africa with KPMG and joined international accountants and business advisers, Grant Thornton in the UK in 1987 


I was with Grant Thornton for 26 years including 21 years as a partner.  In this time, I worked with an entrepreneurial client base, ran three locations and set my mind to why and how people make decisions and act upon them as much as considering what they do.  Numbers don't make decisions; people do 


To improve my understanding of the entrepreneurial mind, I qualified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and qualified as an EMCC Coach-Mentor


My approach, particularly in non-exec roles, is to focus on the management team, their direction, motivation and decision-making processes.  It allows me to work across sectors and I do not fit the conventional non-exec model of being steeped in the particular sector or industry: do you really want to be told how to run your business technically?


You know how to do that; you are looking for support in the demanding role of leader

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