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You can find yourself sometimes with a client or a colleague who has an insurmountable problem and 'insurmountable' can be good; often it means that they have not yet finished evaluating their choices and martialling their resources. But sometimes, they just have the inertia of not wanting to start because they don't want to fail. Perhaps remind them, in the week of the release of the film, Lincoln, of Abraham's road to the White House. If they really have a goal that they believe they can achieve, it isn't a question of 'if' but only 'when'. Lincoln's road to the White House - had this on my pc for ever Failed in business in 1831 Defeated for Legislature in 1832 Second failure in business in 1833 Defeated for Speaker in 1838 Defeated for Elector in 1840 Defeated for Congress in 1843 Defeated for Congress in 1848 Defeated for Senate in 1855 Defeated for Vice President in 1856 Defeated for Senate in 1858 Elected President in 1860 It brings home that there are no unresourceful people - only unresourceful states. John

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