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Time to think about the next year?

Many people take a break at this time of the year and at some point, between the beach and the mountain, they think about their year ahead: What can I achieve? What do my key people need?

Perhaps what would help you or them, would be working with a Coach-Mentor-Adviser


Develop me to meet my aims: Coach

Guide me to get there: Mentor

Work on it with me: Adviser

What would it be like to have someone on your side, taking you to the next level?

My background is 35 years in advisory and regulatory accounting combined with coaching and mentoring skills: NLP and EMCC qualifications.

I work with a range of C-suite leaders: from professional services partners, through CEO/COO/CFO, to FTSE 100 main board members.

You have an independent supporter who understands the challenges and who has an insight into developing you and working with you to resolve them.

I work with people for, typically, 6 months - sometimes rolling out to a full year of support.

What is there to lose in having a coffee and talking it through?

Drop me a note at or give me a call on 07966 281789

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